Στα καταστήματα crepaland,δημιουργούμε απο το 1992 ,απολαυστικές γευστικές εμπειρίες με συνέπεια ,φροντίδα και σεβασμό στην ιστορία μας και τούς πελάτες μας.Εσάς .



  • Βraille Menu

    The menu for people with visual disabilities is now a fact.
    Coming soon to all Crepaland stores!

  • Our second Crepaland creperie in Mykonos

    We are very excited for our second Crepaland creperie in Mykonos, located at the same spot with Domino’s Pizza.

  • 7th store of crepaland in Cyprus!

    The 7th Crepaland store in Cyprus at the new Mol of Nicosia is a now a fact!
    In the coming months, another Crepaland branch store will open in Greece.
    Gradually, all the necessary adjustments and alterations will be implemented to all Crepaland branch stores. The best crepe in town !!!