Crepaland is activated in franchising ever since 2005. Based on our own production unit located at the island of Kefalonia which operates based on the ISO22000, we are able to supply our stores with our preservative-free mixtures for crepes and waffles. In answer to people’s modern dieting habits we recently added a new product: the mixture for the whole-wheat crepe.

In a Crepaland store the day begins by offering coffee- the right way. Wherever you choose to drink it, in the store’s hospitable hall, at work or at home Crepaland’s coffee is always a pleasure.

Our menu comprises three kinds of excellent quality Club Sandwiches, as well as the classic baked sandwich made of fresh bread.

Crepes and ice-cream waffles. What a wonderful and tasty combination. But in Crepaland, ice-cream is a major issue. Offered in a variety of tasty flavours, our premium ice-creams thrill people of all ages.

Thanks to our practical packages and well trained staff, all the aforementioned products are offered by our experienced distributors unspoiled. Juices, beverages and low alcohol drinks complete Crepaland’s concept.

All the aforementioned make a full Franchise Crepaland store, the type of which forms the largest part of our stores. The other stores are in the form of shop in shop where a separated and specially formed 10 s.m. section offers Crepaland’s basic products, crepes and waffles in limited flavors and menu choices compared to the franchise stores. The store operates with Crepaland’s basic suppliers, and naturally, in that case delivery is a crucial and successful business. The particular method is mostly for small regional towns and tourist centers (islands), which operate for a short period of time, mainly in the summer months.