The company

In 1992, an idea was born and realized in Cephalonia, aiming to the production of a tasty crepe of excellent quality. The comments heard from then onwards on its unique flavor and excellent quality became our ally and the main instigator of our efforts in perfecting the product. This passion of ours quickly transformed us into a professional, yet friendly, company. As a result, today we operate numerous franchise stores, as well as shops in a shop, on a national level. Within the next five years, our company aims to have more than 60 stores.

The basic factor, which forms an integrated part of our philosophy, is the structural methodology of our organization, based on the support of the franchisee, as regards to the creation, administration and operation of a CrepaLand store. The technical experience and high-quality training of our internal and external associates, in combination with our expertly trained staff, secure the smooth process of the finding, constructing and opening new stores.

On store operation level, the provision of support services, in combination with expertly trained staff, secure the ideal environment for a long-term collaboration.

The powder crepe mixture is produced in our state-of-the-art HACCP-approved production unit, in the Industrial Area of Argostoli in Cephalonia, which can fully cover the needs of a 150-store-strong nationwide network.

Our company’s agreements with officially approved suppliers and service provision companies, secure the constant service of all our stores at very advantageous conditions and prices.

All the above, in combination with a high estimated return and short-term amortization, render CrepaLand an advantageous investment proposal offering you an excellent possibility to make the most of your capital, on the basis on our absolute respect for you and the customers consuming our products.

Administrator: Vandoros Leonidas

Development Manager: Kapsabelis Manolis

Franchise Consultant: Villiotis Christos

Communication Manager: Anjoulatos Spiridon

Τel: 210-3830435

Fax: 210-3832687


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