Since 2005, Crepaland maintains a  production unit, based in Argostoli of Kefalonia, operating under ISO 22000international specifications, creating powder mixtures for Crepes, Whole Grain Crepes, Waffles and Pan Cakes.

These four (4) powder mixtures consist Crepaland’s major range of products which are used by each Crepaland franchise store for creating all those, well known, delicious products.

The powder mixtures are placed in Certified Paper Packages, of specific health standards in order to protect and avoid product exposure to various climatic changes during transportation as well as under any storage surroundings. 

All products are free from preservatives and have an expiration date of four (4) to six (6) months from the production 
day, can be distributed, without any problems, to any domestic and international destination by all means of transportation, all over the year.